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If there’s one thing we love more than data, it’s our people. We are a mix of data scientists and strategic thinkers interested in solving complex business problems with cutting edge data driven solutions.


CKM Advisors is an energetic group of photographers, bakers, footballers, itinerant travellers, chocoholics, and bikers brought together by a love of data. Big data and its possibilities are nothing without the pluck and passion of the diverse minds we have on our team.


We foster a collaborative environment where everyone’s contributions are weighted equally, regardless of title or experience. We encourage knowledge sharing within our firm as well as with our clients. We take our open collaborative culture up a notch with frequent team social events – puppies, mixology, trivia, valentines, and lots of chocolate.


Have we mentioned we love data? And we love what it makes possible. We take pride in developing innovative, analytical solutions that are grounded in data and driven by a deep understanding of our clients’ business challenges. We strive for complete transparency and openness with our clients, giving them the tools to make big data a little less big.


Although we are all now New Yorkers, our team and our work span the globe. Our home base is located in Midtown Manhattan but we have team members that hail from France, Ireland, India, California, Texas and more. As a global firm, our clients are based all over the world.


Our workspace is open and collaborative just like our team. CKM is a community of entrepreneurs who are invested in growing with our firm. If you’re passionate about technology then get involved with the IT committee, or if you fancy being on the other side of the case study then help out with recruitment. We seek individuals who are team players and are excited about what we do.


CKMers have diverse passions and that’s one of the factors that makes working here so intriguing. Lunchtime conversations range in topic: from the tastiest exotic meats to the best player.


By: CKM’s Unsporty Director

1. Basketball

The Nicks, Nets, Clippers and Spark are the most watched teams at CKM. Basketball analytics with computer vision data is a field explore by some CKMers with varying success.

2. Association Football

Arsenal, RSC Anderlecht and SSC Napoli are a couple of the firm's favorite European teams.

3. American Football

A game of college or NFL football always makes a good backdrop to after-work drinks at one of the many sports bars and pubs that dot the landscape around CKM. For many CKMers, a good halftime show is worth tuning it at least once a year.


By: Business Consultants that Occasionally Need a Break

1. Dancing

For both exercise and pleasure, CKMers love to get down to a good beat. Zumba is a popular exercise class at many of New York's sports clubs. For pure pleasure, swing and techno are the genres of choice for letting loose after a week of digging into data.

2. Music and Performance

Ukelele, trombone and voice are the instruments of choice for the musically inclined. Others at the firm enjoy meeting for their weekly improv group orparticipating in French absurdist theater.

3. Civil Aviation

Some of the more adventurous ones like to get higher than a kite--in a plane that is! While flying planes requires a lot of training and certification, it is an extremely liberating hobby. Nothing allows you to escape from work quite like being thousands of feet in the air.


By: the CKM Socialites

1. CKM Jeopardy

Yes, the nerdiness of jeopardy is fitting for a bunch of data scientists. The categories of choice unfortunately reinforce the stereotype. Some of our favorites have been facts about space, science fiction and fantasy movies/novels.

2. Blind Test Rankings

To settle, once and for all, who makes the best pizza and wine (or whether such a consensus could even exists), a dedicated CKMer will source a wide sampling of brands to be tasted by anyone who comes to the social.

3. Fondue

On a cold Friday afternoon, the best thing to raise spirits in the office is a warm pot of cheese and cider.


By: The office food travel guide

1. Previti Pizza

Somewhat controversially, Previti Pizza has taken the top spot among pizzerias in Midtown Lunch's reader's poll for the past two years. While some reserve harsher criticism for this venerable Midtown East institution, none can deny the deliciousness of their artichoke slices.

2. Naples 45

Naples 45 is a hidden gem tucked away in a quiet corner of the Metlife Building at Grand Central Station. Those adventurous souls who succeed in finding this temple of artisanal pizza are rewarded with an exceptional $2 per slice after 2 PM takeout deal.

3. Jiannetto's Pizza Truck

To some, Jiannetto's authentic, cheese-less Sicilian pizza is blasphemous in NYC’s pizza culture. However, if you love crispy crusts, fresh tomato sauce and a touch of basil along with the convenience of food-truck dining, then Jiannetto's is the place for you!


By: CKM’s Resident Fashion Police

1. Fine Lines and Classic Shapes

The most coveted professional attire is cut just right with fine material. Like the vast majority of other professionals in Garment District, CKMers love to embody the look of a futuristic bureaucratic villain. Look for Theory, Everlane, Celio and APC on the label.

2. Athleisure

For male and female colleagues alike this is a great staple for comfortable base layers. Patagonia and Mammut make great jackets that protect you from the debris that occasionally falls from seemingly never-ending construction projects around the city. UNIQLO's and Lululemon's undergarments protect from the occasional freezing gale on the walk between the office and train station.

3. Vintage Touches

New York City and many of our clients' locations are great places to find those one of a kind items to break up your why-am-I-wearing-all-black-everything-for-the-fifth-day-in-a-row New Yorker uniforms. Beacon's Closet and Stella Dallas are just a few of the seemingly endless variety of shops to spiff up a wordrobe.

4. Hasn't Invested in Style Since College

Need more be said? Your style choices got you through four years of awkward internships and class presentations. You may not turn any heads, but at least you're comfortable. J. Crew and Brooks Brothers never fail for slightly-too-baggy pants that leave you prepared for twenty years of neglect to your body.


By: After-hours Baker

1. Devil’s Chocolate Speculoos Cookies

One fateful spring day, a couple innocent, rosy-cheeked CKMers walked in to the Le Pain Quotidien with a hankering for a sweet snack. They both selected the same whoopee pie-like creation upon hearing the cashier’s enthusiastic endorsement, “I don’t know what’s in the middle of this but it’s like crack.” After they returned to their desks, their lives were never the same again. Though witnesses were in sugar-induced fog, it is rumored that one of the said CKMers muttered through her first mouthful, “This is going to be my wedding cake.” Le Pain has graciously shared the recipe so we can all experience this joy on a regular basis.

2. Chocolate Chip Scones

These scones are a great excuse to basically eat a massive chocolate chip cookie in one sitting. You don’t even feel that especially disgusting afterwards because the lemon zest cuts the sweetness and provides the illusion of healthiness because fruit. I have made these forever and no one has ever been disappointed.

3. Smitten Kitchen’s Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a newer recipe I have added to my repertoire. I used to make the Neiman Marcus cookie as well as the New York Times cookie but who has time to use two different types of flour and let the dough chill? These are great because there is just enough dough to hold the chocolate chips together—just how everyone likes them.


By: Newly minted New Yorker

1. Long Island Wine Country

For all you wine lovers out there, take a tour out to the North Fork and attend a tasting at one of the many wineries in the AVA. It might be quite a distance from the busy streets of Manhattan, but the country is a great place to unwind and relax. Be sure to get some pies on your way back!

2. Horseback Riding at Bethpage Stables

The horses here are nice and tame, and the guides take it slow through the trails (for the most part)- especially with beginners. Great views of the woods, and the Bethpage Black Course is right next door.

3. Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park

One of Long Island's best kept secrets. Over 400 acres of grounds and gardens, and home to a number of beautiful mansions, including Coe Hall. Be sure to bring extra batteries for your camera - you'll certainly need them!


By: Data Scientist daydreaming about his Titleist

1. Bethpage State Park Black Course

The Black Course is perhaps the best value in golf anywhere. For $75 (NY residents) you can tackle an AW Tillinghast design that's hosted 2 US Opens and a major PGA Tour event in the last decade. Be prepared to fight for a tee time. People sleep out in their cars overnight to get a precious slot. Seriously!

2. Bethpage State Park Red Course

Another Tillinghast design, the Red course is fantastic, but won't beat you up as much as the Black. The opening hole is a long par 4 with a difficult uphill approach--certainly one of the most difficult opening holes on any golf course.

3. Mohansic Golf Course

Westchester County runs 6 different courses and Mohansic is one of my favorites. Set in a mature wooded park with many drastic elevation changes, the course presents a picturesque challenge.