CKM Advisors - Data science engineer


Data Science Engineer

CKM Advisors is on the forefront of leveraging data analytics to inform strategic decision-making and drive operational improvement for clients. Our firm consists of talented individuals with deep expertise in data science and domain-relevant analytics. We take pride in developing innovative analytic solutions that are grounded in data and driven by a process-oriented understanding of business challenges.

You will work alongside teams of Data Scientists and Business Analysts to hunt down and sanitize data, analyze operational processes, and transform your findings into interactive visualizations. You will work on a team composed of other developers, data scientists, and business analysts working in concert to deliver actionable business insights and recommendations.

Data comes to us from a wide variety of sources with any level of quality. It must be understood, cleaned and transformed before it can be loaded into data science applications, analyzed, or visualized. To this end, you will utilize your knowledge of relational databases, APIs, and application structures to develop systems that efficiently collect and parse data.

As an Engineer at CKM, you will industrialize analysis covering the gamut of this fast changing field, from simple aggregations to more complex machine-learning algorithms. The architecture of your applications will feature sophisticated back-ends, ETL processes, cron-jobs, and batch-processed analysis, as well as interactive front-ends that intuitively communicate key understandings to end-users.

We are a meritocracy, so expect frequent interactions with our partners and clients. Your ideas and innovative solutions will directly impact the success of each project. Additionally, all staff members are engaged in business development and contribute to the growth and entrepreneurial energy of the firm. People are our most important asset and shape the creative and energetic culture that makes CKM unique.

We look for academic brilliance, natural curiosity, intellectual vigor, and a passion for solving complex challenges. We seek candidates who have a deep interest in developing business recommendations based on rigorous analytics. If you are ready for these opportunities and challenges, we encourage you to apply.


Compensation is competitive and commensurate with your degree and experience.