CKM Advisors - Philosophy



The introduction of data science has changed the way institutions compete. Business leaders now require data analytics strategies to create value from the vast quantities of data being generated during the normal course of business. However, organizations often fail to achieve their efficiency and effectiveness due to vendor “black box” solutions, undefined analytics initiatives, and misguided security concerns. We make data science happen for our clients.


At CKM, we pride ourselves on being technology agnostic across a wide spectrum of data storage, preparation, analysis, and visualization tools. We foster a culture of knowledge sharing within our firm as well as with our clients, where we strive for complete transparency and openness. through invited speaking engagements, meetup participation, collaboration with NGOs and participation in open source efforts, our team members are active members of the broader data science community.


Our integrated team of experienced Data Scientists, Engineers and Business Analysts allows us to quickly identify the problem, structure our analyses with senior leadership in mind, and implement working data science applications.

Data integrity and confidentially are a top priority for our clients. Throughout CKM’s digital analytics studies, all data, analyses, and outputs remain within the client environment to alleviate data security concerns.

We believe that our clients deserve quality recommendations that can be used to drive measurable, operational performance quickly and sustainably, founded in a clear and transparent use of decks.